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Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion regarding “myblu” in the comments. I was aware of it, obviously but, truthfully I was not at all interested, so I passed it by. Some readers have requested that I try it and then compare the two. In my response, I purchased it on the other day.

I haven’t received myblu yet but at present to those who aren’t sure what “myblu” is, I’d like to announce it right now. If you’re interested in this, check out the site.

What is “myblu”?

I’m sure that most of you are aware of the meaning of what “myblu” is, but for those who aren’t sure let me present it to you.

Myblu is an electronic smoking device manufactured by a diposable vape manufacturer called Imperial Tobacco Japan.

Imperial Tobacco Japan is the Japanese subsidiary of the Imperial Tobacco Group, one of the world’s biggest cigarettes manufacturers.

You may have heard about West cigarettes. The company has gotten many attentions due to its new electronic cigarette, dubbed “myblu”.

No nicotine, no tar! It’s just an electronic smoking device.

I am also anticipating this product due to the fact that it’s distributed by a major tobacco firm however the reality is that it’s “just an electronic cigarette..

Certain reports on the Internet mention “competing with Icos, Glo, and Plumtec” or “entering the heated cigarette market,” but I believe that it’s a totally distinct product due to the fact that it is promoted with the help of one of largest cigarettes makers.

Myblu, on the other hand, is an electronic cigarettes. Although they are both sold by the same tobacco firm, they are totally different in their direction.

To insert, simply place the pod in the designated slot.

The use of myblu is as simple to insert the dedicated pod into the device.

A flavor pod can be utilized approximately 300 times.

The flavor pods can be discarded and when you’ve consumed 300 times, you can dispose of the old ones and replace them with another one.

There are a variety of flavors to choose from, it’s great to be able switch it out with your favorite flavor any time you wish.

It takes just twenty minutes for the battery to completely recharge, and you’ll get 300 puffs!

The “myblu” has a very brief charge time.

It takes just twenty minutes for it to be fully charged however, it can be used up to 300 times.

Even if your battery goes out, if have a battery for your mobile phone, there is no need to carry a spare , and the battery will charge instantly.

There are eight varieties of unique flavor pods.

Flavor varieties

  • Menthol
  • Green Apple
  • Cherry Crush
  • Tobacco flavor
  • Cafe Latte
  • Iced Mint
  • Mango Apricot
  • Tobacco Vanilla

If you calculate it on a box this is 580 yen. As previously mentioned, one pod is able to be used for 300 times.

What you make of this is your personal choice, but for instance, with Icos you could smoke up to 280 times within one box as every Icos is 14 cigarettes.

In comparison to that the amount of times you’re able to smoke cigarettes is huge and it is true that Icos are considered cigarettes, which means you’ll spend around 500 yen on Icos every single all day.

Are you willing to pay up to 500 yen per day on “myblu” which is not cigarettes?

I’m not sure I could but I’m thinking “Then why not use an e-cigarette with a liquid infusion right from the beginning?

This is the primary reason that I was not keen on this product.

The main benefit is that I can purchase it in the convenience store!

It is the product of the largest tobacco firm.

The “myblu” can be purchased in convenience stores.

This is a significant distinction from normal vapes. The pre-sales began on June 4 in a few retail stores that sell convenience items in Fukuoka.

We aren’t aware of the sales plan for the future however, based on how well it does it might in the near future be sold in convenience stores or vape wholesale supplier across the nation.

If this occurs, the demand for the product may explode as the flavors are available for purchase at any time.

Do you want to move away from smoking heated cigarettes?

The myblu brand is currently advertised through Imperial Tobacco Japan.

It appears that a major tobacco firm is trying to market only an electronic cigarettes, not one that is heated.

The hot market is led by “Icos Glo, Icos and Plumtec.

It’s not easy to make it into the market today and they could keep their eyes on the future.

Like those who smoke heated cigarettes know that they are losing their resistance to electronic cigarettes.

Particularly since it was originally an electronic cigarette.

The most important thing is that”myblu,” the minimum requirement for “myblu” is quite low since you just need to change those flavor pods.

The vapes that until were available only through specialty stores or online can now be bought at convenience stores at any moment… it could be a way to monopolize the market for electronic cigarettes light users.

In addition, it’s likely to be used in aiding smoking quitting, and I believe it’s a good strategy step with current trends.

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